Policy Platform

West Virginians deserve a Senator who fights for the working class and will never sell them out to corporate interests for personal gain. For far too long, the working people of this state have been exploited, manipulated, and taken advantage of by career politicians who only look out for themselves and their wealthy donors. It’s time that we have a fighter in Washington who is dedicated to policies that bolster ALL Mountaineers and our communities.

Workers' Rights & Protections:

This state has the richest labor history in the country, and it is time for us to lead the way once again. Make no mistake: The right to work is killing West Virginia workers. I am fully committed to fighting for strong labor protections. Every worker deserves a living wage, safe working conditions, and the right to unionize.

Universal Healthcare:

Everyone has the right to access high-quality, affordable health care, including prescription medications. It's time for our country to treat health care as a right, not a privilege. I will fight to transition the Affordable Care Act to a universal healthcare system guaranteeing access to high-quality care and affordable prescription medications for everyone regardless of their ability to pay or zip code.

Harm Reduction & Compassion Over Profit:

Pharmaceutical companies deliberately flooded our communities with prescription drugs, causing a crisis that has impacted every family in our state. We have to recognize that drug use is a complex issue that involves a spectrum of behavior that requires a continuum of services and resources. I believe we need to equally invest in prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery to combat this crisis and help both those who use drugs and those wishing to stop.

Racial Justice:

I am dedicated to combating racial injustice and ensuring equity in our communities. I support comprehensive policies, from criminal justice reform to economic investment, to tackle systemic inequalities. I believe these initiatives can guarantee equity for every American. As a leader, I'll address systemic racism by supporting reparations through community investment, empowering black-owned businesses, and supporting tribal sovereignty and indigenous rights. In these ways, we can build a more equitable society.

Environmental Justice & Energy Independence:

West Virginia's communities deserve clean air, safe water, and sustainable living. I support policies tackling inequalities, from strict pollution regulations to robust renewable energy investment. I will advocate for energy independence, emphasizing renewables manufacturing. West Virginia can lead in clean energy, driving economic prosperity while safeguarding our environment. We powered the world once; let's do it again.

Justified Transition:

The decline in the fossil fuel industry has impacted West Virginia workers for decades. Ensuring a just transition is the only way forward. It's not just a responsibility to the workforce itself but to the communities they live and work in. Our government must provide direct financial assistance, federally subsidized paid training programs, and a federal jobs guarantee for the workers impacted by this transition. This includes expanding programs like the American Climate Corps to incorporate out-of-work coal miners and those looking to change careers. We must ensure these jobs have comparable wages and benefits, including strong union representation.

Veteran Support:

West Virginia has one of the highest percentages of veterans in the nation. It's time this country gives our vets the care and respect they deserve. I will prioritize veterans and advocate for comprehensive policies. This includes expanding job training and placement services, improving VA healthcare access, and tackling veteran homelessness with affordable housing. Under my leadership, I'll further address veterans' unique needs, emphasizing mental and physical healthcare access. I will also prioritize veterans in renewable energy career opportunities, ensuring they have the support for healthy, fulfilling lives after their dedicated service.

Quality Education:

West Virginia's kids deserve the highest quality education we can provide them. This country needs to prioritize education by increasing resources for teachers, students, and schools. This includes addressing inadequate teacher pay, advocating for an ample supplies budget, and ensuring access to essential technological tools for success in our digital age. Additionally, I'll work towards fully funded public education, making public college tuition-free, and canceling student loan debt. Implementing a national hiring program for educators and support staff will ensure a sustainable reduction in staff size while maintaining educational quality and accessibility for all.

Reproductive Justice:

The Mountain State is a sexual and reproductive healthcare desert; nearly half of our counties lack adequate care. This is unacceptable. I fully support the right of every person to decide if, when, or how to become parents and the right to raise the children they have in safe and sustainable communities. I will fight to restore and protect the right to both surgical and medication abortion and increase access to that care. We need to repeal the discriminatory Hyde Amendment and the Comstock Act. I will champion increased protections and funding for contraception, IVF, and sexual and reproductive education.

2SLGBTQIA+ Rights:

All people have the right to be themselves and be free from discrimination. I'll fiercely champion 2SLGBTQIA+ rights, prioritizing equitable policies and protections. Trans rights are human rights, and I'll work tirelessly to dismantle discriminatory barriers. Medical decisions should remain between professionals and individuals or their guardians, free from government interference. Under my leadership, these principles will be steadfast, promoting a society of equality, autonomy, and respect for all.


Ensuring the integrity of our nation's physical infrastructure is paramount, and West Virginia needs a serious overhaul. I will push for comprehensive investments to repair and modernize roads, bridges, and public spaces, prioritizing safety and functionality. Additionally, I recognize that rural broadband is now a fundamental utility essential for education, healthcare, and economic growth. I'll champion the expansion of reliable high-speed internet to every community, leveling the playing field and enabling everyone to prosper in the digital age.

Taxes for Equity:

It is time for the obscenely rich and corporations to pay their fair share to eliminate the burden on working people. I'll champion progressive tax policies for equity and to fund programs that benefit all of us. I'll fight to prioritize the needs of the many over the few, strengthening universal social security, protecting consumers, and making the child tax credit permanent. These steps will fund crucial public services, fostering a just and equitable society for all.

Housing Crisis:

Having a roof over your head is a human right, and I am committed to tackling the houselessness crisis head-on. I believe in comprehensive solutions. This includes implementing robust rent control measures to ensure affordability for all. I'll spearhead a substantial investment in public housing, creating safe, dignified homes for those in need. We can build a future where every person has a place to call home, ensuring stable and vibrant communities for all.

Human Rights-Centric Foreign Policy:

As the next Senator from West Virginia, I will fight for the human rights of people in my community and across the globe. We need a foreign policy based on respect for universal human rights, international law, peaceful resolution of disputes, demilitarization, and an end to arms sales. We need to work with other nations to address the crisis of climate change, women's and children's rights, immigration, and the spread of deadly viruses. To accomplish these goals, we need to end the disastrous wars fueled by the narrow interests that profit from them. The Palestinian people deserve a lasting ceasefire immediately and an independent state with equal rights for all free from violence. And the people at home deserve to be prioritized over the Pentagon. The defense budget is over $800 billion, yet we are no safer. We need to put human needs and rights ahead of the greedy corporate interests of weapons manufacturers.